8 Top-Rated Insurance Companies For US Cars

Norton Commando

While iconic, the Commando had issues like oil leaks, electrical problems, and frame flex, earning a reputation for being temperamental.

Harley-Davidson Shovelhead

The Shovelhead engine, known for its distinctive sound, was plagued by oil leaks, overheating, and maintenance challenges, making it unreliable for many riders.

Triumph Trident

The Trident had issues with its electrical system, gearbox, and engine reliability, leading to frequent breakdowns and headaches for owners.


Despite its off-road prowess, the BSA B50 suffered from engine problems, gearbox issues, and electrical gremlins, making it a headache for riders.

Ducati 999

While praised for its performance, the Ducati 999 had reliability issues with its electronics, cooling system, and clutch, leading to frequent trips to the workshop.

BMW R1200C

The R1200C, BMW's attempt at a cruiser, faced criticism for its complex design, electrical problems, and issues with the shaft drive system, affecting its reliability.

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