The Genesis GV70 Snow Concept Is Attractive And Rugged

Everything is getting a rugged off-roading-oriented model these days, even electric SUVs. We’re here for it, and we’re excited to take a look at the latest rugged Genesis GV70 concept.

The Genesis GV70 Snow concept is the latest teaser from the Korean automaker about improving its off-roading chops across the lineup.

It made an appearance at St. Mortiz to race around the white turf. This event brings affluent families together for sporting events with horses, skiing, and racing.

The GV70 provides elegance and winter beauty that matches the surrounding area as snow blankets the forest and surrounding areas.

But the GV70 Snow concept gives us clues about what to expect. It rides on a lift kit with wider fender flares to make space for the beefy GF Goodrich K02 265/60R18 tires.

Other equipment, such as Avanon skis, were tailor-made to match the vehicle’s style. Also, we’re confident that the heated seats and a heated steering wheel keep families toasty after a long day of winter activities.

We’ve also seen the Genesis GV70 Overlanding concept, with a similar design. It had similar tires, wider fender flares, a lift, and a roof rack covered in off-roading accessories.

Genesis has something planned to tackle the wild, and we hope the rugged SUV enters the Rebelle Rally to compete against the Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally model.

The twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine with 375 hp and 391 lb-ft of torque provides plenty of power for racing across desert sands and other challenging terrain.

The GV80 has AWD with a Terrain Mode that automatically sends the necessary torque to each wheel as needed to prevent slipping. Snow, Sand, and Mud off-roading modes are also included.

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