Shelby American To Unveil New Shelby Mustang S650

It’s the one word that conjures chills among Ford Mustang fans: Shelby. You read the words Shelby GT350, Shelby GT500, or Super Snake, and you know you’re looking at the bleeding edge of what a Ford Mustang can be.

Well, take a deep breath, Mustang maniacs; Shelby American dropped an Instagram post prepping fans for an S650 model. This could be the new Shelby Mustang we’ve been awaiting.

Aftermarket tuning houses wasted no time descending on Ford’s latest pony car. For instance, Texas-based Hennessey already offers an H850 treatment for the range-topping Ford Mustang Dark Horse.

 However, we haven’t seen the ultimate name in Mustang performance turn its attention toward the S650. That is, until now. 

Shelby American posted an Instagram post of an unmistakably seventh-generation Ford pony car with the number “4.18.24” superimposed on the image. 

It can mean just one thing: a new Shelby Mustang. And it couldn’t arrive at a more opportune time; the 17th of April marks the 60th anniversary of the Mustang’s public debut. 

Moreover, a close look at the image reveals what looks like dramatic channels forward of the driver’s side door. It’s instantly reminiscent of the properly brilliant flat-plane S550 Shelby GT350. 

What’s more the red S650 Mustang in the show features a more pronounced duck-tail shape that starts outward of the tri-bar taillights and works its way across the trunk lid.

Finally, and perhaps most notably, the new Mustang shows off part of a downforce-inducing wing. The next generation of Shelby Mustang is here.

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