How To Prevent Your Car From Fogging Up?

Use Air Conditioning

Turn on your car's air conditioning system to help regulate the temperature inside the vehicle. The cold air from the AC helps reduce humidity and prevent condensation on the windows.

Defrost Function

Utilize the defrost function on your car's heating system, which directs warm air onto the windshield to remove fog and moisture.

Keep Windows Clean

Regularly clean the inside of your car windows using a glass cleaner to remove dirt, dust, and residue that can contribute to fogging.

Use Anti-Fog Products

Apply an anti-fog treatment or spray specifically designed for car windows. These products create a barrier that prevents condensation from forming on the glass.


Keep your car well-ventilated by cracking open windows slightly to allow fresh air to circulate. This helps reduce humidity levels inside the vehicle.

Avoid Wet Items

Refrain from leaving wet or damp items such as clothing, towels, or umbrellas inside the car, as they can increase moisture and contribute to fogging.

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