Elvis Presley’s Custom-Built Cadillac Station Wagon Listed For $500k

Quick, when did Cadillac make its first station wagon? If you said the 2010 Cadillac CTS, you’re technically correct. That was certainly the first factory-built wagon Cadillac sold in North America

But, that didn’t stop Elvis Presley from ordering a one-off custom station wagon version of a 1972 de Ville. The story goes that the American Sunroof Company offered station wagon conversions.

Presley’s build was by far the more opulent. Not only did he ask to have a station wagon roof fitted on the pillarless sedan, but he swapped all its emblems out for 24-karat gold ones.

During those days, Elvis was a fixture at the Westgate Casino in Las Vegas, where he had a residency. He also had a home in Beverly Hills. 

Because a regular Cadillac didn’t have nearly enough room for all his music equipment, Elvis borrowed the Colonel’s Cadillac wagon back so often, Parker just gave the car to the King.

Rumor has it that the 375 horsepower wagon became Elvis’ favorite Cadillac by far. And the fact is that it clocked 73,000 miles.

In fact, he had another one built for his Graceland home when he sent a 1974 de Ville to the American Sunroof Company.

So what’s this custom-built Cadillac wagon worth? Well it was listed on eBay with a buy-it-now of $500k, but then pulled from the site when it was sold by Mecum Auctions instead

The 1974 Wagon was tucked away in a barn for decades, then sold for $200,000, though that was not an auction.

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