7 Of The Worst Sports Cars Ever Made Are Cringe-Worthy Cruisers

Yugo GV: The Yugo GV gained notoriety for its poor build quality, lackluster performance, and reliability issues, making it one of the least desirable sports cars of its time.

Pontiac Aztek: Although not a traditional sports car, the Pontiac Aztek's awkward design, underwhelming performance, and controversial styling earned it a spot on many "worst car" lists.

Fiat X1/9: While the Fiat X1/9 had sporty looks, its mechanical problems, rust-prone body, and limited performance capabilities contributed to its reputation as a disappointing sports car.

Renault Fuego: The Renault Fuego suffered from reliability issues, bland driving dynamics, and uninspiring performance, failing to live up to the expectations of a true sports car.

Suzuki X-90: The Suzuki X-90's quirky design, lackluster engine, and poor handling characteristics made it an odd choice in the sports car segment, appealing to few buyers.

Chevrolet SSR: Despite its retro-inspired design, the Chevrolet SSR's heavy weight, sluggish performance, and impracticality as a convertible pickup left many enthusiasts disappointed

Alfa Romeo Arna: The Alfa Romeo Arna's partnership with Nissan resulted in a lackluster sports car with subpar build quality, uninspiring performance, and unimpressive handling.

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