10 racecars that were never raced

Ferrari F50 GT

In 1996, Dallara and ATR collaborated with Ferrari to construct a BPR Global GT Series vehicle. The road car had a fixed roof, huge rear wing, and new front spoiler.

Porsche LMP2000

The 1998–2000 LMP2000 Le Mans vehicle was developed. The 1992 Porsche 3.5-liter V10 F1 engine was increased to 5.5 liters and generated 700HP.

Venturi Heritage GT3

The 2006 Heritage GT3 had a mid-mounted Audi-derived 4.2-liter supercharged V8 with c500HP and a top speed of 186mph. Its elegant bodywork was carbonfiber.

Koenigsegg CCGT

Koenigsegg built the CCGT in 2006 to advertise their 817HP CCX. Koenigsegg's road cars met GT1 dimensions, therefore it could enter GT1.

Nissan P35

In response to the introduction of new Group C vehicles that would outpace Nissan's older cars, production of the P35 commenced in 1992.

Nissan R383

Nissan introduced the R383 in 1970 to replace the R382. Power was increased from c600HP to c700HP with the GRX-3 6-liter V12.

Toyota 7 (578A)

Yamaha and Toyota produced the 7, Toyota's first purpose-made racing vehicle. Yamaha was hired in 1967 to build an aluminum monocoque chassis for Toyota's new 415S, the Toyota 7.

Ferrari 637

Enzo Ferrari was dissatisfied with the F1 engine limitations, so he ordered the design of an IndyCar, the 637, for the 1979 CART competition.

Shelby Turbine

Carroll Shelby and Ken Wallis, who had nearly won the IndyCar series with turbine cars, collaborated on a new turbine car in 1968.

Jaguar XJ13

The XJ13, one of Jaguar's sexiest cars, was supposed to participate in Le Mans in the mid-1960s, but it was never a priority, especially after the BMC merge.  

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