The Worst Cars Ever Made

General Motors debuted the Hummer H2 in 2002, and most people said "No, thanks." The scaled-down civilian Hummer weighed nearly 6,600 pounds!

Hummer H2

Time called the 1975 Trabant "the car that gave Communism a bad name." However, here are a few more details.

1975 Trabant

The 1995–1997 Suzuki X-90 looks like a Barbie doll toy automobile. It's little, unattractive, and hard to tell front from rear. 

Suzuki X-90

GM's response to throwback automobiles like the Plymouth Prowler, 2008 Dodge Charger, and new Ford Thunderbird was the Chevrolet SSR (Super Sport Roadster).

Chevrolet SSR

Even if it's the most hated EV ever, you've probably never heard of the REVA G-Wiz.


A "Worst Cars" list sans the Pontiac Aztek? We disagree. This 2001–2005 car is one of America's ugliest. It killed Pontiac too.

Pontiac Aztek

A 1970s snapshot of a small, three-wheeled car is likely a Reliant Robin. Besides that front wheel, it doesn't seem too horrible.

Reliant Robin

This is one of the "Worst Cars Ever" because it bursts into flames after a collision.

Ford Pinto

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