Legendary Ducati Motorcycles

Ducati Scrambler 450

The first "real" Ducati scramblers were created in 1968. These bikes were aimed towards the American dirt bike craze and had broader engine casings than their predecessors.

Ducati 750 GT

The Ducati Museum in Borgo Panigale, Italy, where the company still has its headquarters and factory, features the classic Ducati 750 GT, the first Ducati with the now-famous 90-degree V-twin engine.

Ducati 750 Super Sport Desmo

The first production bike featuring desmodromic valves was the Ducati 750 Super Sport, based on the 750 GT. The Desmodromic system still sets Ducati apart, making the 750 Super Sport one of Ducati's most iconic bikes.

Ducati 851

The 1989 Ducati 851 SP was a modern superbike with electronic fuel injection and 93 horsepower. The SP2 bore out the 851 motor to 888 cc and was superseded by the iconic Ducati 916.

Ducati 916

The 1994 Ducati 916's 916 cc 90-degree V-twin Desmoquattro engine, a development of the 888 motor, was one of the best motorcycle engines ever produced.

Ducati Monster 900

Ducati's 1993 Monster M900 was a major departure from its sportbike roots. The M900 was designed to be a "masterpiece of visual minimalism" according to Ducati.com.

Ducati 1098

The Ducati 1098 was a high-performance motorbike like the 999, but it returned to roots with dual-pipe under-seat exhausts, a single-sided swingarm, and a 916-style headlight.

Ducati Panigale

The 2011 Panigale introduced a new family of high-end sportbikes and superbikes. Ducati replaced their steel trellis frame with a monocoque frame that stressed the engine.

Ducati Panigale 1299 Superleggera

The Ducati 1299 Superleggera epitomizes the Desmodromic V-Twin that made Ducati renowned. The bike is iconic being the last Ducati superbike with a V-twin engine before Ducati moved to the V4 powerplant.

Ducati Panigale V4

A motorcycle can't get crazier than the 2023 Ducati Panigale V4R. This production motorcycle produces 240 horsepower with the optional race exhaust and special oil!

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