Swing Switch
Choreographed by Linda De Ford
Description: 30 count, mixer dance 
Music: Moderate swing music, around 132 BPM 

Position: Start in closed couple position 
The Swing Switch uses 5 swing patterns per sequence. Dancers change partners, moving to their left, on the 5th pattern. This sequence also provides a good practice routine for the beginning swing dancer.
1-6 Basic pattern (triple step, triple step, rock, step) 
7-12 Lady's right underarm turn (tuck and turn): lead on 1st shuffle. Lady turns right on 2nd 
13-18 Lady's left underarm turn: partners pass right shoulder to right shoulder on 1st shuffle. Lady turn left on 2nd as man makes a turn right 
19-24 Repeat step 3 and beginning partner change. On the rock step, man leads lady into a full left free turn 
25-30 Turn left on shuffles, completing partner change (move 1 partner to the left) "catch" new partner on the rock of the rock-step