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February Events
New Year's Eve Party!
Some photos are here.
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March Events

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day Dance Party!
$15 admission
March 28 - Wednesdays
The seniors will be starting up again for 9 weeks on Wednesdays.
Beginners 10 AM.
Intermediates 11 AM
This will be followed by a luncheon on May 30.
Click on image below to get details and the reg forms for both the lessons and luncheon now (2-page document).
Senio rClass Registration Mar2018

March 1 - Beginner Classes for 4 weeks
Here it is. 4 weeks of lessons follow up the starter class. Come join us to build on what you have learned in the starter class. If you know the basics and a few dances, come join us as well for $45/person. Mr. Ryan Pascarella will continue his fabulous lessons. You can sign up on 3/1/18. No credit/debit cards, cash/check only. The next 6 week starter class will be in April for those who have never danced and need to learn the basics.

What in the world do these dance lessons and workshops look like? Something like this..
April / May Events

April 14 - Our Anniversary Party!
Come Celebrate our One Year Anniversary with a Workshop 12-5 pm starring all our own instructors during the day followed by a pizza party. Then, continue the Celebration into the night with all our DJs. It is going to be EPIC! The workshop will be $40 and include entry to evening dance. If you can't join us for the workshop, evening entry is $15.
Wahoooo.or as Norm would say "Wooo".
You will entertained by Samantha, Ryan, Matt, Stompin' Sue, Miss Mary, Barb, Dave, TomNYC, Norm, and Wild Bill.

May 5 - Cinco de Mayo Party!
Esperamos un buen momento!
Admission $15
June Events

June 2, Saturday - John Robinson Workshop!
click on image to get the full flyer.

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