Round Up
Choreographed by Unknown

Description: 40 count couples dance
Position: Sweetheart Position.

1-4 Touch right heel in place, touch right toe in place, repeat.
5-6 Step forward right, touch left toe forward.
7-8 Touch left toe to side, touch left toe back.

9-10 Step forward left, touch right toe forward.
11-12 Touch right toe to side, touch right toe back.
13-14 Step right, touch left in back.
15-16 Step left, touch right in back.
17-18 Step forward right, slide left behind right.
19-20 Step forward right & turn to right, step forward left.
21-22 Touch right heel forward, touch right next to left.
23-24 Step forward right, pivot turn to left (weight on left).

25-28 Grapevine right, chug left.
29-32 Grapevine left, chug right.
33-36 Grapevine right, chug left.
37-40 Grapevine left, stomp right.