Charleston Cowboy    
Choreographer:                   Unknown
Music:                           Sold
By:                              John Michael Montgomery
Count:                           16
COUNT     Description                                                                                
1       Charleston - step right foot forward                                             
2       Kick left foot forward                                                            
3       Step left foot back                                                               
4       Touch right toe back                                                             
5-8     Repeat 1-4                                                                       
9-10    Touch right heel forward and to the side twice                                    
11      Step right foot behind left foot                                                  
&       Step left foot to left side                                                       
12      Step right foot in front of left foot                                             
13-14   Touch left heel forward and to the side twice                                    
15      Step left foot behind right foot                                                 
&       Step right foot to right side                                                    
16      Step left foot in front of right foot turning 1/4 to the right